3D Engines, past, present and future

Technology really fascinates us. Old and young alike, our eyes and emotions will ever catch attention whenever any work of art seems impressive. We find ourselves jam-packed in movie theaters, thrilled at playing online video games or constantly sharing photo-shopped images on twitter and other social media.
This shows the extent to which technology influences our tastes and trends. We all want to be associated with anything which aesthetically appeals our eyes- has beautiful images and a great design. These works may ranges from day-to-day As Seen on TV commercials, to the various fashion or news websites that we visit daily, to the movies that we watch or the video or mobile games that we play online. If there is anything which makes us feels interested and induce us to relate to them, maybe the brains behind the creation, are  art works which showcase great efforts invested in their creation and production.

granny_animstudio game engineEssentially what makes them appealing to our eyes and hearts is there clarity, unique colors used and the magnificent designs of their graphical interface. The more unique they are, the more we feel gratified about them; the more we feel the urge to share these art works with our family, friends and other people so that they too may have a glimpse of the artistic efforts which went into creating the piece of art. It could be a game console, an epic motion picture, an amazing commercial, ad, a well-designed website or even a even a brilliantly developed computer application which has a personal touch like the talking moose. That’s why you will find some movies more popular or a video console more played.

It means that the creators, programmers and developers of such works will have to go an extra mile to ensure their general acceptability. One group of developers this site will focus on is that of the creators and developers of games for video consoles, mobile devices and for computers. The tasks ahead of them is quiet difficult as they try to impress us with unique and lovely games which become addictive to us.

Jessica Jessica
And that’s what they get paid to do.

Levi Levi
Not with the tens of free apps and games on your mobile Jess.

Gretchen Gretchen
Talking Moose! What a reminder of the talking in the 80s. Where the hell were you buried.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Here alive but not kicking.

David David
Yeah,nobody kicks during a storm. But you seem to have survived. Anyway how are you old buddy?

granny_animstudio To the normal daily users of these games, fans of the movies shot or subscribers of the various websites, the popularity of such works and the efforts involved may appear normal but it’s never the case to the developers, programmers and creators who may spend sleepless nights as try to create the user friendly interfaces which have attractive & colorful images and impressive designs. They must expend a lot of efforts in terms of creativity and knowledge to accomplish this for every single work that they create. If you dissect these efforts clearly, it means that they must dispense a lot of efforts which would mean that we would take ages to see the release of new games which are captivating and capture our love. If the creation takes so long, it would mean that we stick to some specific trends and tastes for a while pending new releases which is all but monotonous to us.
Well, that is not the case thanks to several open-source or free game engines which provide a software framework which are optimally designed to aid the creation and development of games. They enable game developers to create unique and stunning games for video games console, mobile devices and for our PCs with much ease without the need for heavy programming or coding. This means that someone with little programming and computer knowledge can still utilize there resourcefulness and create a game.

Initially this site was used by one game engine called Power Render.

Do you remember Power Render.

Power Render 4

Version 4 of Power Render was released by Egerter Software in 2001. It was a SDK, middle-ware offering 2D/3D graphics and audio functions. Chris Egerter wrote:

“The SDK was designed to be extremely flexible and is being used for all sorts of exciting applications and game genres. For example, these features are being incorporated in an ActiveX control (currently in alpha) that will let you display content and develop custom 3D applications for the web and other languages. The ability to store pixel and vertex shader code and constants inside Power Render’s proprietary 3D file format makes it possible to take control of the 3D pipeline without knowledge of C/C++ programming. This technology will be used to distribute content across the web that can take advantage of vertex and pixel shader effects inside your browser using the ActiveX viewer. You can also display animated characters and interact entire BSP or terrain based levels without any programming involved.”

It would create graphics of this quality, which was quite good for 2001.

prsplash3Dengine.ca had activity and useful content in 2001 and 2002. Thereafter, it forwarded to www.powerrender.com. So, 3Dengine.ca was unused after 2002. The logo changed to this, but no further content updates.

Chris Egerter’s Power Render 3D engine website gradually faded in popularity, and from 2008 to 2012, there was nothing available, except a link to his iPhone games website, www.RockingPocketGames.com

In 2014, this website was briefly owned by someone intending to sell radio-control drones.

The future of 3D

David David
Is this the original site?

Betty Betty
Looks like it. I’m bothered.


Don’t be bothered

This site is being re-purposed to hold information about 3D engines used in game development. Though it still may be under-construction it has powerful info about some of 2014’s state-of-the-art game engines: Unreal Engine 4 and Unity are big things now, and CryEngine is in the picture too.

One or two generations earlier, was Granny Engine by RadGameTools.